Recently published in Jazz Magazine (France)

We regularly receive CDs from musicians who are totally unknown to us.  Sometimes, we understand quickly why we’ve never heard of them, but sometimes we are pleasantly surprised.  Such is the case with Karen Marguth, a Californian from Fresno, about whom we know little, except, after listening to this CD, that she has all the talent of a great jazz singer. In the line of white singers, which the world of jazz has often disdained in the past, she carries it today to the pinnacle.

Karen Marguth has no reason to envy Stacey Kent. Gifted with technique without flaw (great precision in all registers and impeccable articulation) her excellent phrasing permits her to easily scat and swing.  She is at ease in all musical genres, from the standards that she has on the tip of her vocal cords (Daydream, All of Me, Squeeze Me) to Latin pieces (Lagrimas Negras which reminds us of Vaya con Dios) to folk ballads (Admit It).  Accompanied by the group Espacio whose originality is mainly due to a wonderful mandolinist and whose only failing is a drummer who is a little too heavy-handed at times, Karen also shows that she knows how to do without harmonic support for much of her album, offering beautiful duos with bassist Kevin Hill.  If purchasing via internet doesn’t bother you, Karen Marguth’s clear and smooth voice will charm you.  A Californian to discover.

-Phillipe Vincent, Jazz Magazine, France