Fresno Folk Concerts presents an evening with Karen Marguth, backed by the wonderful band Espacio.  This two hour show will include tunes from Karen’s latest CD, which has received a rare four and 1/2 start rating from DownBeat magazine.  Also, Karen and the band will debut some of their newest arrangements.

Join them at the Brick Wall on January 28th, starting at 7:30pm. For tickets and more information, visit

We’ve just received word that Karen’s self-titled CD is listed in the December issue of Jazz Magazine, aka the Jazzman, on their list of the 101 best female vocals CD’s of all time.

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Karen’s CD has received a glowing review in the December issue of Downbeat Magazine, along with a rare four-and-1/2 stars.

Here’s what reviewer John McDonough wrote:

“Karen Marguth is a spiritual grandchild of hipness highness Annie Ross.  Her album is the work of a singer with a swift, light voice and the mobility and diction to roll over the tongue-twisting speed bumps of a vocalese piece like “Sister Sadie.” When Marguth turns her skills to a properly engineered mating of words and music, she takes off like a Zephyr.  Her “Blackbird” medley and “Happy as the Day is Long” swing fiercely with only bass accompaniment, and she scats with a proper abandon.  This is a singer who prefers to trot and sprint, and does it with commanding zest.”

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Cadence Magazine reviewer Alan Bargebuhr has written a review of Karen’s CD, which appears in the fall 2010 issue:

“Karen Marguth is, indeed, a Jazz singer, with pinpoint intonation and a supple voice allowing her to phrase and scat with audacity.  She takes “Black Magic” way up-tempo with some exuberant mandolin from Eva Scow.  It’s a fiery arrangement and Ms. M. takes its measure easily.  Several tracks find her accompanied by only Kevin Hill’s resonant bass, affording her the opportunity to demonstrate an abundant vocal technique.  Her appetite for play comes through in some of her repertorial selections. “Oo Bla Dee” is a pleasant surprise.  Mark Murphy did it ten years ago, but who has had the wit to record it since?  Only Karen Marguth, as far as I can tell. If you have an opportunity to give this CD a spin, it’s well worth repeated playings.”

Alan Bargebuhr, Cadence Magazine, 2010

Information about Cadence:
Cadence Magazine is the most comprehensive resource of its kind available anywhere, packed full with the world’s most complete English language coverage of the entire Jazz and Improvised Music scenes. Dedicated to the music and its subscribers, not advertisers, Cadence is a thorough and honest guide to and through the current Jazz and Improvised Music scenes for a loyal, worldwide readership of knowledgeable, hard-core improvised music fans who find things in Cadence they can’t find anywhere else. Read more about this fine magazine here.

Karen and Espacio recently performed with Seattle’s Pearl Django.  In this first video clip, their bassist Rick Leppanan sits in on the gorgeous Billy Strayhorn tune “Daydream.”

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Espacio, by Mike Chen.
In this clip, Eva sits in with Pearl Django for the final song of the evening.